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Nutrición Animal
Since 1978 dedicated to animal nutrition.
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Using high quality raw material to develop and manufacture cutting-edge products for the agricultural sector.
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Profitable, safe and sustainable solutions.
Veterinary solutions

Innovation in service of
agriculture, animal welfare and nutrition

With more than 40 years of experience, Infavet offers cutting-edge solutions in veterinary pharmaceuticals, agriculture, animal health and nutritional feed products.

Working to develop products to improve animal yield and welfare in a safe, profitable, effective and sustainable form.

Science and innovation come together to facilitate a direct collaboration between suppliers, companies, customers creating a strategic international network of stakeholders making Infavet a specialized company in animal health and nutrition.

We are your trusted agricultural partner

Animal nutrition

Infavet, has 30 years of experience in animal nutrition, including feed premix and prestarters, developing high quality animal feed additive formulas. We offer nutritional solutions to guarantee profitability and safety.


Infavet participates in the creation and development of phytosanitary companies in emerging markets, optimizing production processes and formula development. Technical support, collaboration and commitment, using the highest quality raw materials, making our products a reference in the agricultural sector.


We work side by side with our partners in the development and commercialization of veterinary pharmaceuticals, focusing on the improvement of animal health and welfare. Our professional expertise acquired in the elaboration of products and services, allows us to share this knowledge with the client, becoming its reference partner.

The gold standard in the agricultural sector

Innovation, transparency, sustainability, and a culture of collaboration are at INFAVET’s foundation, developing products and services in the nutrition sector to improve animal health and productivity.

Our values form the strong foundation of our company



Global partnerships

Strategic international network of stakeholder
Map strategic international partners

since 1978 promoting research
in animal nutrition, agriculture and veterinary care

Infavet Experience


Years in Animal Health


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