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Comprehensive services in
the agricultural livestock sector

INFAVET SL, was founded in 1978, and since then we are devoted to serve the agricultural sector. INFAVET is present in the most important markets through our partner companies, in the phytosanitary, animal health and animal nutrition sector.

Our values are: innovation and science, collaborative culture, openness, transparency and sustainability.

We collaborate personally with our suppliers, and our customers. Our relationships are based in trust, with the goal of improving customer & supplier interaction creating safes, profitable, effective and sustainable products for animals.


Widespread supply services for our collaborative companies.

We accomplish this with specialized technicians in each one of our specialties (nutrition and animal health, agricultural and veterinary care), with the goal of building a quick, flexible and effective relationships with our clients

  • Support and strengthen commercialization of products in markets.
  • Provide specialized technical and scientific services to develop new products and methodologies.
  • Support in the registration process of agricultural, animal nutrition and animal care products in Spain, Jordan and Latin America.
  • Development of new business opportunities.
  • Management of strategic investment projects.

since 1978 promoting research
in animal nutrition, agriculture and veterinary care

Infavet Experience


Years in Animal Health


Years in Animal Nutrition


Years in the Phytosanitary Industry

Global partnerships

Strategic international network of stakeholder
Map strategic international partners

Present in agricultural sectors


Agriculture products:

  • Phytosnaitaries.
  • Natural products.
  • Fertilizers.

Animal Nutrition products:

  • Feed premix.
  • Prestarters.
  • Feed additives.
  • Complementary feed.

Animal Health

  • Veterinary pharmaceuticals.